Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to Prevent the End of Two Worlds

I went back to Renolia on Tuesday to talk to Theo and Catherine about what I believe I figured out what my future self was warning me about.  More after the jump.
I told them about the fireball that disappeared into the forest.  Theo said "That's... horrible.  It must've gone into the Passage.  It's not designed to move energy between our worlds.  If the Passage is damaged..."

I said "It's definitely damaged.  You probably wouldn't believe me if you heard my source on it, but just trust me on this."

No one said anything for awhile.  Finally, Catherine said "I know a spell that would fix it."

I said "Great!  Do it."

"I can't...  No one can.  To do the spell, you need a dragon scale.  A fresh one, at that.  Dragons have been extinct for many years..."

"Not quite.  Follow me"  On the way to the cave with the dragon egg, I explained how I had found it.  We arrived at the entrance and went in.  In the darkness, something rushed past my head.  I spun around quickly and ran back to the mouth of the cave.  A baby dragon was flying away.  Catherine and Theo followed me out.  I asked "Do either of you know a spell that lets you fly?"

The two of them stared at me in shock.  Theo said "No, but apparently you do."

I looked down and noticed that my feet were hovering a few inches off the ground.  Not wanting to waste my new found ability, I flew after the dragon.  I was catching up.  Once it noticed I was close, it started going faster.  I couldn't match its speed.  I yelled "STOP!" and it froze in midair.  It didn't just decide to stay where it was.  Its wings weren't moving.  It wasn't falling.  It was just... frozen.  I flew over to it and removed a few scales just to be sure.  I returned to where the other two were waiting and handed the scales to Catherine.  They stared at me for several seconds.  Theo was the first to break the silence this time.  "Do you know what you just did?"

"Not entirely, no."

"You just used words in your native language to activate spells.  I've heard stories about wizards who could do that, but...  No one alive today can.  Besides you."

I thought for a moment.  "So if I wanted to, I could just say 'fireball,' and-" I stopped mid sentence when I noticed a fireball appear.  "Huh.  That's cool.  Anyway, I need to get back home."

Catherine, who had been silent this whole time, said "It will take a couple days to prepare the spell.  Come back on Thursday, okay?"

I said "okay" before heading back home.

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