Monday, March 26, 2012

Eclipse (part two)

I wasn't going to continue the blog but given recent events it looks like I should.  More after the jump.
After I had been waiting in front of the forest for an hour as the land got darker and darker, I heard a noise off in the distance.  I was about to go check it out when suddenly the wind stopped.  A massive fireball flew by my head and into the forest.  I looked back and it didn't look like a fire had started.  I turned forward again and activated a barrier.  This allowed me to see the attacker, who until that point hadn't even noticed me.  I yelled at him to stop, and he bolted.  That's... it.  Nothing too exciting.  No one came back until after the eclipse was over.  I'll have to talk to Theo and Catherine and see if they know what's wrong.

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