Monday, July 9, 2012

Chapter Six (Tim)

“Yeah, no thanks,” said Heather, clearly fed up with adventure.  She left the passage and I followed.  Later on I opened a restaurant themed after otherworldly meals.  Heather was the waitress.  We never left Earth again.  

Yeah right.

Heather, we agreed not to interfere with each other’s posts.

Not if you’re going to make up baloney like this!  Tell ‘em the truth or I will.

But we’ve made what, six posts now?  And we’ve barely even started!  It’ll take forever if we tell the truth...

You’re just trying to make yourself look good by cutting out the part where we got in trouble and it was totally your fault.

It has nothing to do with that.  Besides, I’m skipping all the things you messed up on.  All the silly questions you asked.  All the pointless arguments you started.

I’m willing to own those as long as you write them truthfully.  Now back to the story - for real this time.

Fiiiiiiine.  Shoo.  Go away.  Stop writing so I can.

Alright, but I’m going to keep reading to make sure you tell it right.

Where was I?  Oh, right.  The Gatekeeper saying “You must stop him.”  Heather was the first to respond.  She said “Wait, us?  How are we supposed to stop him?  I mean, if he’s too powerful for someone like you...”

The Gatekeeper smiled in a way that reminded me of a father acting in the best interest of his children, whether they knew it or not.  He said “Trust me, I can think of no better duo to put an end to the destruction.”

I thought for a bit.  “I’m not sure about this...”

The Gatekeeper turned toward me.  “If you were to accept, your motives needn’t be entirely philanthropic.  I can assure you that confronting the Crusher of Worlds will give both of you your hearts’ desires.”

This took me by surprise.  I wanted nothing more than to go back to Renolia.  Which brought a question to mind.  I said “Renolia...  is it... okay?  It’s not destroyed, is it?”

He shook his head.  “Renolia has not been destroyed.  Though I do fear for its future, if nothing is done to stop the Crusher.”

I glanced over at Heather.  “We accept!  What do we do?”

“Keep exploring.  I will attempt to locate a path to the Crusher’s home base, but it may take a long time.  There are countless passages, after all.  Now, I believe I’ve kept you a bit too long.  Be on your way; I will contact you again when I’ve found a path for you.”

Without warning, I found myself back on Earth.  Heather and I prepared for our next trip to another world.


  1. Hmm...that sounds ominous. Or at least curious.

  2. Love the banter at the opening of the chapter. :)