Monday, July 2, 2012

Chapter Four (Tim)

At the time, I was glad Heather fell for it.  I wasn’t planning on guiding her any time soon.  But what she said got me thinking.  What if we could find another way to Renolia?  I hadn’t been there since I was “born.”  Even though I never really knew them, I really missed Catherine and Theo.  Especially Catherine.  I could stand to not see Theo.

Dang it!  I didn’t want to risk my life like that, but I just couldn’t get the thought of seeing Catherine again out of my mind.  I also knew that if I started searching for Renolia without Heather, I likely wouldn’t live to see it.  I had no choice but to bring her along.  I opened up Facebook to tell her the news.

At that point, my fate was sealed.  When you tell Heather she can do something she wants to do, there is no stopping her.  The next day, Heather and I set off in search of a new passage in the forest.  I took out the amulet.  I ignored the signal pointing to the world I followed last time and moved towards the next brightest light.  Before long, the amulet changed and showed a picture of a volcano.  I shrugged, then walked through the passage and into another world.


  1. Hm. Sounds ominous. And you just let her walk through? You're nuts!