Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dual Duels (part two)

Technical note: my update schedule is going to change slightly.  Instead of being Monday/Wednesday/Friday at some random point in the day, it will be on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday being posted at midnight or even earlier, possibly leading to the update being posted late in the day on the day before.  How is this different, you may ask?  Well, it hopefully prevents people from going to my blog on M/W/F and then not seeing an update and then being sad.  (actual part two after the jump)

I met Theo at the usual time, and he wanted to get started right away.  We put up our barriers.  His was a dark blue color.  He started hitting my barrier with all kinds of attacks.  They were so fast, I can't even remember all of them.  There was some sort of water based attack, and one that looked like a projection of his fist...  I tried my strategy of waiting it out.  When it looked like he was getting tired, I used the rock attack on him.  His barrier didn't even look weakened.  He finished off my barrier with a lightning strike.

I said "I-I don't get it...  Why didn't it work on you?  You should have run out of energy by now..."

Theo shook his head.  "You assume too much.  Even if I was only using one power source like you, that attack still wouldn't have broken through my barrier."

"You can use more than one power source?  I didn't know that was possible...  wait, you're the one that told me it wasn't!"

He sighed.  "It's possible, but it's not smart.  When I was younger and stupid, I figured out how to use both power from Helios and power from the wind.  Now, I can't stop.  I can't power my barrier with Helios, and I can't power my attacks with the wind."

"Could you teach me how to use a second power source?" I asked.

"Are you even listening to me?  It's a horrible idea.  All the energy you use gets funneled through your body.  Having two types going through your body at once in large amounts...  let's just say the last time I dueled was very close to my final act.  I only decided to duel you because I knew you would use the same strategy again and because you needed to be taught a lesson."

I raised an eyebrow in doubt.  "What lesson would that be?"

"Humility.  There is always, always someone better than you.  For instance, just now, when you were beat by a guy who's magically handicapped.  I'm not even allowed to duel because of health concerns, and I had no trouble beating you.  Any half decent wizard could beat me.  I know Her Highness thinks you're the guy from the prophecy, but you can't go around overestimating yourself."

That could've gone better.

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